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What are the standards do your products meet and manufactured? Are they certified?

All MILITECH® products are manufactured to meet many of the international ballistic and/or protection standards, including US-NIJ and MIL-STD, UK-HOSDB, and NATO-STANAG. They have been tested and certified by world renown ballistic test labs, such as BMT, Australia. H.P. White, OBL and Chesapeake labs in the USA, Aitex in the EU and Chinese Army testing labs. below are the list of standards we refer in product manufacturing.

  1. NIJ 0106.01 – Ballistic Helmet Standard
  2. NIJ 0106.01 US DOT&E’s BFD protocol –US D.O.D of Ballistic helmet specifications which is a modified NIJ 0106.01 test for 9mm Backface Deformation (BFD) performance
  3. NIJ 0101.06 – Body Armor Standard
  4. NIJ 0108.01 – Bullet Resistant Material Standard
  5. NIJ 0115.00 – Stab/Spike Body Armor Standard
  6. MIL-STD-662F– Body Armor’s V50 Ballistic Limit Standard
  7. Stanag_2920 2nd Edition — NATO’s Ballistic Test Method For Personal Armour Materials And Combat Clothing
  8. UK HOSDB – Part 2 Ballistic Resistance and Part 3 Knife and Spike Resistance

Ballistic and Mechanical Testing Pty Ltd (BMT), Australia is the Ballistic lab we cooperate often for product development and customer sampling tests. It is a NATA accredited (Accreditation number 13310) testing laboratory to IOS/IEC17025 : 2005 specializing in performing tests and evaluations for the defense, law enforcement, security, transport and aerospace industries. Further information of this laboratory can be found in

Oregon Ballistic Laboratories (OBL) is an independent, full service armor testing lab located in Salem, Oregon. Founded in 2004, OBL generates accurate and impartial test data which is used throughout the world as a measure of quality, performance, and safety. OBL is a NVLAP ISO 17025: 2019 & NVLAP NIJ accredited lab and certified by the U.S Department of State. Further information of this laboratory can be found in

Are you able to customize products for your customers?

With the assistance of our experienced engineers and workers, we are able to manufacture products according to customer’s specific design or needs. Please contact us for more information.

Are there any restrictions on purchasing your products?

Despite to the special nature of our business, our ballistic products are covered and monitored by China Government export license regulations, which restrict where and whom we can export to. In general, to export a tender order of body armor products, it requires us to submit an End User Certificate and Broker Certificate, to the appropriate Chinese governmental authority, and await their approval of a Military Goods Export License.

For retail quantity sales, it is considered as sample sale and there is no such restriction on export.

What is the general lead time of your products?

Most of our ballistic products are made to order for our customers in order to maximized their shelf life. Our usual lead time is 15-30 days, for large quantity please contact our sales manager for up to date lead time quotes.

What kind of warranty do you offer on your products and how long is the warranty for?

All our ballistic products come with a Five Years Manufacturer Warranty. All other products and accessories have a Twelve – Eighteen months warranty period. (Based on the Product/Accessories type) This warranty will apply under the condition of the products being properly cared for and looked after. Please feel free to contact us if you are seeking specific product’s warranty.

What sort of quality control do you carry?

MILITECH® implements an ISO 9001:2015 management on quality control, starting at sourcing of raw materials from reliable suppliers to storing and manufacturing. From our tactical gears point of view, we cooperate with the world renown suppliers such as Cordura® (Dupont), Duraflex® (UTX), VELCRO® and YKK®. We have our own molding department and plastic accessories department that take care most of the accessories used for our helmets. Our soft armor materials such as Para Aramids (Twaron® and Kevlar®) are purchased directly from their China branch, which their raw materials were produced in wide variety of locations in the world from Australia, UK, Netherland and so on. All our material suppliers were carefully filtered to ensure compliance with our quality procedures, and all products that we produced go through our factory inspection, especially our body armor products are subject to regular testing. Our ballistic product’s assurance are the heart of the company.

What are your normal payment terms?

Our standard payment terms are 30 percent in advance before production and account balance before shipment. Letter Of Credit applications are available upon request base on the contract value.

Where is your company and factory located?

Most of our products and accessories are manufactured at our own factory in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, China.

How do I proceed an order with you?

To start with, we will proceed a sample order once we understand your requirement of the product. All sample orders are subject to full payment before shipment. The cost of sampling might be able to be credited after mass order is contracted and confirmed. Please feel free to contact us for more details and discuss.

Can I visit your factory?

Yes, we welcome all our customers to visit our factory and check out our production facilities, having said that we would highly appreciate if your could contact us before paying the actual visit so we could arrange a convenient date and time.

Does your body armor stop knives and spikes threats, as well as bullets?

In most cases, that a ballistic vest will not stop knives and spikes threats due to the fact of inlay designs, we do produce Dual Proof Body Armor at level 1 or level 2 of NIJ 0115.00, while they offering NIJ IIIA 0101.06 ballistic performance. Please click here to visit our video channel and check out the official lab testing videos.

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